5 Years Prior

Prior to our engagement, Kevin and I had been dating for 5 years. We actually celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Madrid, Spain on November 28, 2014. Our story is quite interesting…

June 2009: Pine Cove Christian Camps

Kevin and I both (separately) decided to do a 2 week summer camp program. We met the second day, during an all red themed sports night. The moment I saw him, I thought he was one of the cutest guys I had ever seen. (Keep in mind, I was going to be a sophomore the next year in school, I was 15). By happenstance our tables for dinner were right next to one another. Strategically, I chose the seat closest to his table and little did I know he did the same 🙂 Within 3 days of flirting and talking, I apparently had had my fill and decided I no longer liked him. I judged him as being too similar as an old guy friend I had, and slightly immature. I moved on to other people, other guys and other things.

Later on in the summer, I decided to chat him up on Facebook. (Why I decided to contact him, to this day I’m still not sure, but I’m sure glad I did!) It was a normal conversation on my side, except for the one word, short, unemotional responses I was getting from him.

Me: “Hey, I hope your summer has been going well! How are you?”

Kevin: “Good”

Me: “What are you up too?”

Kevin: “Nothing”

Me: “How has life been?”

Kevin “Fine”

That was the extent of that conversation.

Then school starts back up. 6 weeks into my sophomore year I decided I couldn’t stay at my current high school. I decided to transfer to a private school where I knew some great people. I never hesitated making this decision because I knew this would be a new, healthy step in my life. Little did I know that this step was going to be good for more than just my faith and my education, but my entire life! I visited the school on a Monday, to get a feel of the environment and the people. However, I didn’t realize I knew more people at this school than I thought. Within the first few minutes, I saw Kevin for the first time since camp the past summer. I had absolutely no idea he lived in Dallas, let alone that this was his high school. The eye contact was long and surprised. I will never forget the look on his face. He was startled to see me, but I could tell it was an “I’m so happy to see you” kind of surprised. He was much cuter than I remembered. We hugged, exchanged a few words, and went our separate ways. I showed up the next Monday morning at 8:00am, uniform on, and ready to begin my new life journey.

“What are you doing in a uniform?” was the first reaction I got from Kevin when I saw him again. He didn’t realize that I was visiting to transfer, he just thought I had visited to see my friends, who just happened to go to his high school. From that moment on, we have been inseparable. He had grown up over the rest of the summer, and no longer reminded me of an old friend. He was much more mature, (I did realize he had his first “real relationship” since I had seen him last) and there was just something about him that gave me butterflies every time I talked to him. I decided to give him another chance, and thankfully he decided to to the same for me. (He thought I was just a flirt at camp (which I kinda was haha), and wasn’t a girl he wanted to spend time with). As I quote he said, “She was just very cute, so I decided I would give her another chance”. And boy am I glad he did!!



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