Will you be my…?

Very very exciting news! I finally got to do what I have been waiting for since I got engaged! I got to ask my friends and sisters to be my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids! I stressed out about the perfect way to ask them, how to make it special, and definitely how to make the whole thing unique! After a few weeks of research, I am extremely thrilled at how it turned out!










I am very proud to say that I came up with the entire “Will you help me tie the knot” saying and finding the rose gold Kate Spade bracelets to match the rose gold of my engagement ring. No pinterest needed! They were absolutely thrilled when they got to open the bags and see all the goodies it had to offer! I actually got to give one of my best friends hers, along with both of my sisters which made for a very exciting moment! My oldest sister will be my MOH, my other little sister will be my Junior MOH and my 3 best friends as my bridesmaids! I am very possibly the luckiest bride to be ever! They are absolutely wonderful!


One thought on “Will you be my…?”

  1. I have looked at both the Kate Spade bracelets and those “Will you be my bridesmaid?” pictures on Etsy! I still have two years until my wedding, so I’ve decided to hold off on buying bridal party things for now.

    xo, Sheryl

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