Office to Dinner

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How many times do you end up in a situation where you dressed for the day, and end up needing a nicer outfit as you move locations or activities? Most of the time, I never have time to go home and change, freshen up and make sure I look presentable for dinner. These days, when I know my schedule for the day is full of back to back activities, I make sure and wear something where I know I wont look like I didn’t even try to be presentable for dinner. (aka: dress well to feel better).

I love this top. I can through a blazer over it to be more formal for work, or just wear it with jeans as a a nicer, put together outfit. With the beaded detail at the top, the softer white color, and the clean cut edges, this top is good quality and ready for anything. No need for extra accessories, as those pearls add all the extra umph you need! The white color adds a more relaxed look, the peplum and details make it dinner ready.

Top: Dress and Bless

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