Just Stop Already! 

While the title of this post may seem a little out there, it serves a purpose. When it comes to life, everyone has different things going on, and different tolerances of situations. This being said, people need to stop complaining. I am fully guilty of it, I know. But certain situations in my life have recently shown me a different light. You’re life does not suck. You are not going to die. Calm down. You get one life only, do the best to enjoy it. 

So you failed a quiz, you’ll still pass. So you never get your way and life’s unfair, try next week-the wind will shift. So a boy broke up with you, now’s a chance to find what (not who) is really worth your time. 

All that can sting for a moment when it happens, sure. I’ve felt it, I know. But stop dwelling on it and stop complaining to everyone who has ears and can hear. Stop telling everyone you’re so stressed out. You get one life, why would you want to spend it miserable. There is light in every dark situation. And there is an end to every beginning. 

Not to mention, plenty of people have it worse off than you: i promise. Your complaining is annoying, and completely unnecessary. Think about all you are blessed with, and all the good you have in your life. For most, the good always outweighs the bad. However some aren’t as lucky at times. We will all go through times in our lives that are worse than others, and that’s when you get to complain if you so desire. But keep things in perspective

I have a very bad habit of this. I am a perfectionist, so every little detail had to be right and perfect always. But the more I grow up and the more I go through, the more I realize I need to see the bigger picture. Complaining gets you nowhere, and makes no one happy. So please, to not only make your life easier, and for those around you, think twice before you complain again. I want all of y’all to live as happily as you can with what you can control! 

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