Whats Next?: Following THE Path

Life moves faster and faster the older you get. If you are in college, a new young adult in the real world, or a seasoned vet in this game we call life, I don’t have to tell you this. You already know. And we hear it all the time. This is not a new phrase, However, this is something that continues to surprise all of us. And especially more at certain times than others.

In 1 week, my fiance will be graduating from college. This is a dream come true. Most college students awaits this day, counting down classes, tests and days from the day they get to college. (Not all, as some wish to live in this state for the rest of their life, but most want to be done with school forever and never take another test).

The future is bright.

The possibilities endless.

Your dreams can come true.

You can do whatever you want.

But can you really?

If you stop for a second and look at the bigger picture, look at where you are and what you are doing, do you notice anything. For most of you reading this, we are almost all in the same state. You are either in college, about to go to college, or have graduated. This is a blessing, an incredible opportunity we are told. And truly it is! To have a higher education is a privilege. But we don’t treat it as such. Its our “path”. It’s what we are supposed to do.

Go to school: Get into college

Go to college: Get a Job

Get the best Job you can: Always look for something more.

Make more money. Make more money.

Live for that 1 or 2 week vacation.


Are we sure we want this path? Or is this just what we are used to? Is this just what we are supposed to do? At least as best as we can.

There is a trend going around, and I personally know of one person to do this, to drop everything, move to a beautiful place, have a way lower end paying job, and live your life like a dream. While this sounds incredible, it’s almost looked down upon. They are called “crazy”, “flight-y”, and maybe even “irresponsible”. These people are choosing to focus on other joys in life, and not just money.

While I don’t have the personality to drop everything, run with the wind and see where life takes me, I am inspired by these people. Some are actually irresponsible, not making wise decisions. I don’t condone this idea for them. But some of them have a point. You spend all this time to get the money to be able to go to these beautiful places, so stressed out for 51 weeks out of the year, to be able to “recharge” in one week. To me, this is all due to the incessant focus on one thing. Money. Status. Power.

For some reason, I fully believe that if we are being honest with ourselves, this is not truly everything we want. We want a life that means something, a life that is happy, a life full of joy, a life of less stress. These people who have decided to live in a place that you normally wait all year for, in exchange for a high paying salary. Wouldn’t you take half the money to be able to live in your favorite vacation spot?

This is not my dream. I don’t desire to live at the beach. But I do desire to live a life that is not just focused on money. I almost didn’t go to college. Never felt like I needed it. It didn’t feel like my path. But I went anyways. (Don’t get me wrong, college is important, and wonderful, but we forget that we don’t all have to have the same path, do the same thing.) While I don’t regret it for a second, I’m constantly reminded that I don’t want a life like everyone else. I’m not content with graduating college, finding the best job I can, and making as much money as I can. I want more than this. I personally want to make a difference. I want a life that means something.

Everyone wants something different, but as I am making big changes in my life, I encourage you to take a step back, and make sure you are living your life for more than to just be someone who makes more money than others. There is more to life and more to happiness than money. Weigh your options. You can be happy with less money, with a different job, or in a different area. These people might be smarter than the rest of us. They very well might have it figured out.

Find what makes you happy, and stop always looking for more. You’ll never be content.

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