The Beauty of an Anxious Heart

You know why they say listen to your gut? It’s because 99% of the time, it’s trying to tell you something that your brain or your heart haven’t realized or wont listen too. There is a reason for anxiousness, for the panic feeling you get, the stomach ache that you can’t shake. For me, these feelings were a pain. I could never fully decipher what they meant, or why they had to appear. All I knew was that something in my life wasn’t working and I had to fix it in order to feel better.

As hurtful as this feeling is, and as much of a pain as it is to deal with, it’s definitely something worth spending some time dealing with. Anxiousness is uncomfortable. I viewed it as a feeling that could potentially bring drama. I viewed it as an unwelcome emotion. This was always my perception.

As I have recently had to deal with these feelings, and come to terms with some things, I realized that anxiousness is one of the greatest gifts God as given us. This might come as shock, or confusing to most of you, so let me explain.

I realized that this feeling was a sign telling me that something in my life wasn’t working. I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing, I wasn’t following God’s path. This thought came as a burden, but also a relief. In certain areas of my life, I was always stressed out, worried, and unhappy. I had made some mistakes, and now I needed to focus on fixing them. This feeling brought a sense of humility, knowing that this plan I had created was not working, and I was not following His path for me. This feeling I then realized, is a way for God to tell us that we are straying, we are making our lives hurt a little too much, but that I also have a way out of this pain.

As I have been a Christian for a very long time, I unfortunately sometimes take advantage of His good works and Glory. I get too comfortable. And over time, I forget whose life I’m really living. Anxiousness is a way of Him reminding me to stop trying to control my own life. When I try to take the reigns, It never seems to work out as well as when He is in control.

Anxiousness is a relief, telling me that I don’t have to hurt any longer. It’s a reminder that I need to take a look at my life again, and make sure I am following the straight and narrow.  It’s a reminder that there is something better out there than focusing on the immediate in my life. And while I don’t believe you can ever “fall off” God’s path as a Christian, someone very important to me put it into perspective. “We each have a path, orchestrated by God. However, we can choose to make this path as straight or as windy as we please. It can be straightforward and focused, or it can take a few turns along the way.” He never leaves us, but we do have the ability to choose how this path looks to us. Notice, how no one ever said it would be easy. Because that, we are not promised. We are told there will be trials and tribulation. However, we can decided how focused we are on The Lord.

We will each go through multiple moments in our lives that are unfortunate, uncomfortable and “un-fun”. Through these though, we will each grow, come to appreciate what we have previously taken for granted, and come through the other side for the better. When you are feeling anxious, take it as a welcome message from God, reminding you of his love and compassion.

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