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I’m just going to start by saying that I am so glad the month of July is over. It was bittersweet. It was exceptionally difficult and challenging. It was eye opening and I learned so much about myself. While I am thankful for what it taught me, I am SO glad it is over. August has so many more positive things to look forward too. 

This month I made some hard decisions, but they were the best decisions. I had finally decided to purge my life of the negativity and the stress that had entered. Not all things started out as bad, but as they developed into such, I had to learn to say sayonara… 

This is not always easy… this wasn’t easy. And while these decisions are good, and will improve my life, it’s hard to fully leave them be. But the overall feeling of calm and contentment is what reminds me that I’ve done the right thing. Things that cause negativity in my life, just don’t have a place anymore. 

I’ve also learned, it might I say relearned just how precious my faith is. As I grew up in a Christian home, I knew nothing more than God’s love, and being a Christian myself. (Full testimony for another post, I promise 😊). As I have never believed in the ideas of straying, finding my “own path” away from God, or enjoying college and the becoming religious later in life (also something I don’t fully believe in… Being religious.. Which is another post as well), I do sometimes take this amazing love for granted. I forget how good I have it, how blessed I am, and how much I have been gifted. And unfortunately, to remember these things doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes people have to see the bad in order to see the good

I was in a few uncomfortable situations recently that was enough to put me back on track. And while these lessons and reminders are not always fun, I’m so grateful for them. I’m put back on track in my faith. I’m not perfect, I do forget to read my bible, and I have a horrible habit of only relying on my own strength (which is very little might I add). However, through these lessons I am renewed and resorted in the place where I am most calm and comfortable… In the arms of the Lord. He can do a much better job at controlling my life than I can! 

So while overall July was challenging (in even more than just these two major ways) I’m blessed by it and elated by its ending. I can not wait to move forward into a happier, healthier place! And I only hope that if you are struggling or experiencing some of these feelings, you can figure out how to make your life a calmer and more content life. 

Until next time… 


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