{Engagement Photos}

One of the best parts of being engaged is taking your engagement photos! You finally have an excuse to be with your significant other, who you are madly in love with and take the ultra cheesy, lovey dovey photos that everyone says are annoying, but secretly everyone always loves looking at. But if you have ever taken these photos, or helped prep or these photos, or are about to take them yourself, you may be panicking about what to wear. You realize that you only get to take these photos once, you only get to be engaged once, you only get to get married once! You want to do it right, you want to look good, to feel pretty! And you also don’t want to look back in 10 years and think “what was I thinking!”.  It took me way too long to decide what I wanted to wear. Like months! And I didn’t even finalize what I was wearing until the morning of the photos!

After the unnecessary stress I put on myself for these photos, I decided I wanted to share my experience, some tips, and my photos with y’all!!

My Experience

As you already know, it took me forever to choose what I was wearing, and what Kevin would wear! I wanted to take a twist on a classic look, keep it semi formal, and have a completely different feel for my photos. Kevin and I grew up in a very big city, and so we wanted the urban element in our photos. We don’t show a lot of PDA normally, (it has increased of course after we got engaged haha) and we aren’t very rustic, or earthy. So the beautiful field photos you normally see in engagement photos were not exactly for us.


  1. Don’t wear or act like anything other than yourself. People will notice in your photos, and you will look back and know how much you were forcing a look just to get a specific photo.
  2. Wear what you are comfortable in, but dress it up! You will want to print these photos around your house, and you want them to stand out! The other photos around your house will have you in everyday clothes, or maybe a nice cocktail dress from an event you went to! Make theses stand out a bit
  3. Look up photos on Pinterest. If there are poses or outfits you just love, tell your photographer! I promise its not weird! That photographer is there for you! If you feel awkward- don’t. They wont remember your session in a few weeks.
  4. Keep it to 2 or 3 outfits. This will take about 2 hours, just be realistic! I wasn’t, and only got 2 outfits in! But I love it!
  5. Have an overall vision. Know what you think you want in the background, and coordinate the outfit. Your photographer will thank you. Don’t leave it up fully to them. They may not know what you are wearing. Guide them, but be open to their expertise.
  6. Remember why you are taking the photos– during the photos. Focus on your loved one.  That is why you are doing this!

E + K Engagement_-266 E + K Engagement_-228 E + K Engagement_-183 E + K Engagement_-189 E + K Engagement_-248 E + K Engagement_-256 E + K Engagement_-288 E + K Engagement_-302 E + K Engagement_-92 E + K Engagement_-114 E + K Engagement_-123 E + K Engagement_-145 E + K Engagement_-146 E + K Engagement_-152 E + K Engagement_-172 E + K Engagement_-173 E + K Engagement_-13 E + K Engagement_-27 E + K Engagement_-38 E + K Engagement_-40 E + K Engagement_-42 E + K Engagement_-49 E + K Engagement_-53 E + K Engagement_-79

Her: White Crop Top / Tulle Skirt: Find exact one in CUSP Neimans/ Rose Gold Heels / Lace Romper

Him: Penguin Pants / Button Down

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