Project Social T 

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Everyone, stop what you are doing this instant. This is it. The game changer. The most desired shirt of all time. You will wear it twice a week. You will want every color. AND ITS ON MAJOR SALE! 

I don’t think I have ever gotten so many comments and questions about anything I post about – especially a T-Shirt! This just happened to be a normal “OOTD” post. Nothing I thought worth an entire blog post about. I was obviously wrong! But after the texts, emails, calls and comments all ALL social media, I knew I had to do a post, give you all the info, and especially the link to this incredible shirt and all this brand has too offer! They are literally the softest, most flattering shirts I own. Plus they are less than $30 dollars!

Oh, and GO NOW! This shirt is 40% off for $20.40 and free shipping! Get this shirt in all colors, striped shirts with no buttons, and their graphic T’s. I am linking the website to the brands entire line. I want you to see all they have to offer.  This specific shirt is called the Stripe Henley T, and is 4th row, first photo!

T- Shirt Direct Link: HERE

Social T Whole Product Line: HERE

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