YSL: Your Serious Life-saver

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You know how some peoples’ makeup looks flat? And some people glow as if they wake up looking like that? Don’t be flat. 

This product is seriously the best thing ever. I have a problem with darker circles naturally, not just when I’m tired or are in need of a major nap. And I hate concealers. They always look cake-y and never perfectly match (even if you are professionally matched by a makeup artist!). But this product- this was sent from the heavens. Hence why it’s gold ;). 


It’s thin enough that it doesn’t cake. If blends right into your skin, even if it doesn’t match perfectly. It brightens your dark circles, and makes you look awake, ready and vibrant! Don’t we all want that?! 

Seriously if I were to ever recommend just one product, this would be it. Now it is a pretty penny… But mine lasts for 3-6 months and I never leave without it. I even carry one in my purse! You won’t regret it I promise! 

P.S. I wear a number 1. I highly recommend going to Sephora or Neimans and playing with the shades or asking for help before you purchase, just in case! 

YSL : Eye Brightener 

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