An Open Forum

Here is a place to ask questions, comment, tell your story and relate. This is an open place to speak with me and others, but please always be kind, thoughtful, and uplifting.

Ask away!! XO, Evan

Q: ” How long have you been in the fashion industry?”

A: “I started working at a local Dallas boutique at the age of 14. I’m 23 now, so almost 10 years now I’ve worked at local and big name stores in Dallas.”

Q: “Where all have you worked?”

A: ” I have worked at Spicy II ( no longer exists, the Impeccable Pig off of Hillcrest expanded), Anthropology in HP Village, Tyler’s off of Preston, Milk & Honey Boutique off of Henderson, and Alice + Olivia in HP Village.”

Q: “How did you start Feel Good Fashion?”

A: “Feel Good Fashion was actually the tag line for an online eCommerce company I ran throughout college called Dress and Bless. The goal was for fashion to “feel good” not only for yourself, but for others as well. Dress and Bless stood for “Dressing yourself and Blessing Another” with the same purchase. 20% of the profits of everything sold was donated to a charity in need. Fashion, i.e. clothing, should make yourself feel good, but why not also make other feel good with the same purchase you make. Do more with less. Check out my Products that Give page, and Where I’m Donating, to read more about people and products that do so much good.”

Q: “What’s your goal with Feel Good Fashion?”

A: “I love being able to share my love for clothing, fashion, and expression with y’all! I genuinely love being able to find a piece that I’ve decided is worthy of my closet, and share it! I also believe there are skills and talents that I have developed over the years in dressing other people that I want you to learn. Being able to shop smart, know when to spend more money, and how to better utilize what is in your closet are things every woman should know!”

Q: “Favorite music?”

A: “Currently, I am listening too the Spotify playlist Pop Chillout. I love the vibe and chill-ness of this pop music. Something that is calm enough to work too, yet won’t put me to sleep.”

Q: “What’s your coffee order?”

A: “Ooohhh this completely depends! It could be anything from a cold brew with almond milk to a flat white at Starbucks. I love adding lavender into my coffee, but not all syrups are the same. The ones that are made in house are the best. Ascension currently has my favorite!”

Q: “What outfit is on repeat currently?”

A: “I am currently in love with this two piece set from Zara, and this OTS grey tunic from Anthro. I have to keep telling myself to hold off and give it more time in between wears haha!”



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