Merging the Old with the New

Instead of jumping right into current trends, best pieces and what to buy now, I wanted to scour my closet for the pieces I still love from last year (maybe a few years) and revamp them into outfits that you can wear currently. This may be a little more selfish than anything because I needed a motivation to clean out my closet AGAIN, but I feel like this is something everyone says they need to do, but buys new stuff instead! I feel like I am constantly doing this, which I guess is good, but I also feel like it’s showing me I may not really be paying attention to what I am buying. In working in the retail and fashion industry, I always tell people not to buy any pieces alone. The likely hood of you walking out of any store with one piece and actually wearing it more than once is slim. The only time this semi works is when people say “oh i’m just going to wear it with (insert color here) jeans. Jeans are great, jeans are in this post, however we will get to the falling back and always reverting to jeans thing soon.

So basically these next few posts will be less about recreating my exact outfits or buying new pieces, but more about the ideas. Take what it is that I still love about these pieces I am posting and apply that thinking to your own closet.


  1. JEANS: So while I will harp on jeans later ( and I am just as bad as every other person out there about relying on them too much )  a good pair of well fitting, slightly embellished ( rips, tears, fray, embroidery ) that stays decently neutral jeans is always a best in your closet. Something not so so plain, but not taking the stage by any means. So keep these. Keep your go to pairs. Get rid of the fantasy jeans that you think you will either A. get into again, or B. finally find the right top to wear with them. Dress where you are now and reward yourself when you make progress and if you have had jeans longer than 6 months and still haven’t found a top other than a T-shirt to wear with them, get rid of them. There are so many people needing any sort of clothing right now at shelters that they will get much for love there. The money is gone, nows the time to move on.
  2. SHIRT: I personally love a good solid color, well structured shirt. Something with a little bit of tailoring, a small accent, and a shape that fits my body shape. I know that I personally love halters, things that cut from my collar bones down to my chest. I like my shoulders and this shape gives me length and accentuates what I consider one of my best attributes. The fact that the shirt is shorter on the sides and longer in the front gives a thinning affect and elongates my torso. These are all qualities I have found that most women like in their clothing.
  3. SHOES & BAG: What I have noticed in my life and especially trends recently, is that the heavy colorful accents are mainly in accent pieces: shoes, bags, earrings, etc. Make these pieces the memorable ones. Make them what people draw their eyes too when it comes to the majority of your wardrobe. By keeping the rest simplistic, you’ll get more out of your clothing wardrobe and you’ll look more polished.

NOW: I told you this post wasn’t about trying to exactly copy anything I am wearing. But what I am going to tell you to do is shop the brands of my shoes and bag. You will never ever ever be disappointed when you buy an India Hicks bag or a pair of Louise et Cie shoes. India Hicks creates the most amazing, well structured and created hand bags. Fun colors or neutrals, add on tassels and bags for any part of your life. And don’t even get me started on Louise. I bought my first shoe from her on sale at Nordstrom before I lived in spain for a couple months and my feet never hurt. Those floral heels: don’t hurt. My brand new gray short heel sandals (which you’ll see soon), best thing I have ever every purchased. Mid price point, (which you’ll come to learn is what I consider the sweet spot) so nothing too crazy.  These are life long pieces you will never want to part with.

Until next time,


Please keep in mind that I am not being sponsored or paid for any of this info/advice/intel. This is purely just me sharing what great information I have found with you.



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