Shopping Basics Intentionally

I’m a pretty simplistic person. I don’t typically wear a lot of pattern, super bright colors or go to over the top in my outfits. However, when I shop I typically gravitate towards “special pieces”, structured pieces, and clothing that is pretty unique. The kind of pieces that are really recognizable so you can’t wear them often or you have to be strategic on who you wear it with. (I would like to pretend that I don’t care and will just wear what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. But lets me honest. I love fashion and I care.. so) So while Tops are the largest selling category in the retail industry, I actually struggle with the “Tops and Jeans” look. So I have to be so intentional to actually buy the basics when i’m shopping. And as we continue the conversation of using what is in your closet and adding intentionally to your closet, I though this was another easy place for all of us to start!

Here are the few things I have figured out after realizing this “issue”:

  1. Free people jeans are honestly some of the best jeans & at the best prices ($78!!) especially if you have my issue where your waist is smaller than your butt & thighs! (I should really stop doing so many squats ha)
  2. You can never go wrong with a white shirt that has a little detail. In this post, my cotton shirt has a little scalloped edge on the bottom and sleeves. Just enough detail to make it different but not so much were it is overwhelming.
  3. A great summer satchel for summer concerts, shopping days and travel is always needed. Something bigger than a sling purse but not quite as big as a back pack. This blue one I am completely in love with. The color is neutral enough to go with most outfits, but still a bright color to be the pop in the outfit!



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