Denim Romper? Yes please! 

You know when you walk into a store and you weren’t really looking for anything in particular, and then you find IT.  The piece that you couldn’t live without and you can’t walk away from. This is exactly what happened with this romper for me. It was a little edgy, different than anything I had seen, but something about it just called out to me. I love structure and detail in simplicity. That’s honestly how I choose most of the pieces for my closet. And this hit all those points. Easy-ness, but not easy as in I didn’t try or don’t care about how I look. Plus, it fit just right and finding rompers and jump suits that fit your body is a life long mission for all of us. So, this little piece came home with me, a I knew I had the perfect accessories to pair with it! My favorite go to camel colored Halogen heels that make every foot look good, and this Beetle tassel tote! I’m always looking for a good new carry all bag, and I get so tired of seeing the same patterns over and over again. This one definitely breaks up the mundane! And when I found out Beetles mean good luck in the Bahamas (where designer India Hicks lives!!) I was sold.

So takeaways from this little shopping adventure:

1. When a piece calls out your name and you immediately love it, get it. There is so much out there these days and we are so over saturated that I feel like nothing excites us. So if it does, you know you love it.

2. Never say rompers and jumpsuits don’t work for you. Never stop trying them on. They are all made so different with different waist positions and lengths. You will find one that works, they just take a little more patience!

3. Step out from the ordinary. Trends are great but there is more out there than following what everyone else does!

Thanks for reading!



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