Get More From Your Wardrobe

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The longer I have been in the styling world, and the more places I work, I learn more than I could have ever imagined about clothing. I thought I knew it all a couple years ago. But these past 18 months have opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities your wardrobe has (and your wallet and time management skills will thank you!). And as we continue to talk about shopping with intentionality, this will help you when you drop by your favorite store next!

So we all know in the back of our mind that some items in our closet can be worn more than one way. Your favorite top can go with jeans, a skirt, maybe even shorts in the summer. But what if it could do even more?! What if your top turned your dress into a skirt, and now not only do you have a dress, but you have a skirt too in the same piece! More outfits, less money, and a beautiful wardrobe!

In the next 3 posts, I’m going to show you how I got 3 outfits out of 3 pieces. (And as I am writing this, I am realizing there is even a 4th outfit I could have gotten out of the same 3 pieces. I didn’t even realize it until now. See, we never stop learning and being creative!) My last job took layering and outfitting to a whole new level. A level I hope to share with you so that you don’t just buy that one top over and over again to go with jeans.

So this adorable floral print spring dress is my starting point for all these outfits. The structure and material are incredibly comfortable, flattering, and breathable. It’s from Alice + Olivia (actually all these pieces are), and this print is only $62.50!!!  Every season they do the ALVES in a different print and sometimes in a different material.


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