Get More From Your Wardrobe #2

Hey Y’all!

So do you remember the first post of this series, Get More From Your Wardrobe ? The first post of this series of 3 highlighted the base item for our learning to layer schooling.


So while this little jewel is no longer available in this print, it is available in THIS print, and A+O comes out with this little number in a different print or fabric every season!

So this little cotton dress is obviously wonderful on it’s own. The perfect easy summer dress for any casual get together or city strolling kinda day. However, wouldn’t you want to maybe wear it another way? I mean you can only wear something so many times before someone notices 😉

So, why not throw on a little top over it? (Or under. Like in the last post, as I am writing this I am realizing that there are even more ways to get outfits out of this dress). A light sweater, a colored t-shirt, a chambray tank. This little maneuver turns your well loved dress into a brand new skirt.


This simple black structured top completely redesigned this dress.  This creates a more conservative fit, a more office friendly look and a more church appropriate dress. Maybe even perfect for a casual wedding. First dinner with the boyfriends parents? Perfect. I will tell you that on many occasions when I have worn this exact outfit I have received a “I just love your skirt so much” comment. Now of course this idea doesn’t work with every dress. I would use it with more of a fitted dress, or at least structured until the the hips dress, like this one. Putting a cropped flowy sweater over it or a white T-Shirt under it would create a much more relaxed and casual look.

Have a dress you think you can do this with? Not quite sure if it looks good or what exactly to pair it with? EMAIL ME! Nothing would make me happier than to help you be more creative with your wardrobe. I mean I do it for a living anyways… ;).

Keep your eyes out of the last and most fun look of this 3 part series!

Until next time,


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