Get More From Your Wardrobe #3

Good Monday Morning!!

We have already seen this adorable dress on it’s own, perfect for a low-key date night, a day out shopping with the girls or a day visiting a new city.


Throw an easy top on top of the dress and you have a more conservative look, a date night outfit to be dressed up, a casual wedding outfit, or just an easy top/skirt combo. A new way to wear the same piece!


And finally (!!) we see the most fun outfit in the entire ray of options for getting more out of this little summer floral dress!


So take off the top, and throw a midi pleated skirt and you have an incredibly elegant and elevated outfit. This is a wedding,  formal date night, birthday party ready ensemble. Change out the casual shoes for a pair of simple heels and you are good to go. No more being able to say that you have nothing to wear for that last minute event you forgot you RSVP’d to 3 weeks ago :).

So if you have been following along this mini series, you would know that the basis for these 3 outfits consisted of 3 main pieces, and we were able to get 3 incredibly different outfits by combining them in different ways. I had mentioned in a previous post that from the time I took these photos to the time I posted the first post, I realized I could have photographed another outfit using the same 3 pieces. Here are all the potential outfits with these 3 pieces:

  1. Solo floral dress
  2. Floral dress with black top on top
  3. Dress with Pleated skirt over the bottom
  4. ** Champagne skirt with the Black structured top and black heels.

The latter is the one I didn’t realize you could also create! And the simplest might I add haha! So next time you go to buy some new pieces to update your wardrobe, see what you can do to update your current pieces as well! This will save you time and money!

Until next time,


Need help pairing pieces? Email me!! I would love to shoot you some ideas on how to shop your closet!!

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