Fall Transition Pieces

Hey Y’all!

So we are at that time again! The season is changing and new wardrobes are hitting the store floors. It’s time for chunky sweaters, fall colors, & new booties. I find fall one the of the hardest seasons to transition into though. The entire world will be in full blown cold weather wear by mid September, but the Texas heat lasts until October! Sometimes it barely gets below 50 degrees until the New Year!

So I keep seeing posts about these great transition pieces into fall like cashmere sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and OTN suede boots. All are great pieces and pieces that I can not wait to wear. But let’s get real. These are not options for us in Texas, or the south for that matter right now. So I decided to try to come up with pieces that actually help us look like we are dressed for fall, but not completely dying in this heat!

Evan McClay Red jumper-3

Evan McClay Red jumper-5Evan McClay Red jumper-8Evan McClay Red jumper-13Evan McClay Red jumper-7Evan McClay Red jumper-28

Booties I think are the easiest piece. They don’t cover too much of your leg, most of the new ones are perforated to let your foot breathe, and they are a classic fall staple. Pairing them with a summer romper like this little red one, or jeans and a light weight shirt in fall colors is an easy first step into the new season. Even with shorts and a long sleeve top, or a cotton dress will make you feel like you’re fitting in during this transition time!

These are the closest booties to what mine are in the photos!

My absolute favorite brands of booties are 1 State ( I have my eye on these right now!), Vince Camuto, & Jeffery Campbell.

You can’t get this exact romper anymore, but here is the link to one of my favorite brands!

Other ideas?! Comment below!



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