Melt Goods Making Good

Hey Y’all!

Who doesn’t love gifts that keep on giving? I was recently given the most amazing gift by my sister in laws, who know me oh so well. They know I love finding products & services that do more than what meets the eye. I love companies that focus some of their efforts on bettering the world & it’s people. And some companies focus on it much more than others. One of these companies is Melt Goods.

Meredith, a Dallas native, felt a calling through her personal interactions with refugees in 2015. She wanted to make a difference in their lives any way she could. However, she wasn’t going to wait for an opportunity, she was going to make it. Melt Goods jewelry was born in 2015.

The pieces are hand made from brass by 2 Iraqi refugees. They design beautifully simplistic geometric pieces that will blend in to any wardrobe. They layer & the draw the eye, but they don’t over power.

However, the jewelry does more than update your wardrobe. Wearing these pieces create conversations. You chose this piece over another because of what it stands for, what it means, and the life it gives. It gave these women a chance at a new life, & continues to bring hope and empowerment to those in similar situations.

So what more could you ask for?! A beautiful piece of jewelry with an amazing purpose & story. It makes me smile every time I wear my necklace & bracelet!

Kasai Bracelet

Kasai Ring

Yumuri Necklace

Chari Triangle Earrings

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