Little Blue Dress


Hey Y’all!

Do you ever just find something that surprises you? You fall in love with a piece that typically you would never gravitate towards? That was this dress for me.

While I know embroidery and this kind of dress is oh so incredibly popular, it’s just never been apart of my wardrobe. I typically gravitate toward pieces that are much more structured, a little more fitted, & pretty solid in colors. I don’t love print all that much, I kind of over dosed on embroidery a few years back, & I like when pieces can blend in to other outfits.

But THIS dress did it for me!! I was already feeling like I was wanting to change my style, explore options out of my comfort zone, & change it up a bit. So I pulled the trigger, I bought this dress & I can’t stop wearing it. Plus: this dress introduced me to a whole niche line at Zara called the Trafaluc Collection! It’s pieces are girly but not frilly or over the top. They have a little bit of structure but are still feminine. I notice that I naturally gravitate over to these pieces without even realizing it now.

So what this little dress taught me was to follow my gut. There are so many fashion trends out there right now that everything is basically on trend. And everyone’s “out of the box” is so different! So wear whatever it is you want to wear! But I’m now going to buy everything I gravitate towards, even if I’m a little unsure, if it gives me go to pieces like this little blue dress!



Blue Floral Dress (this dress wasn’t available online, so I linked a similar version| Earrings | Sandals

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