Stripes on Stripes

No, really… stripes on stripes!

Hey Y’all!

If you look closely at the black & white dress above, each black stripe is actually made up of 1 thick and 1 thin stripe. A little different, right? You can find a black & white striped dress at almost any store these days, it’s a closet staple. But when I am buying a key closet item, this is what I look for: staples that are just a little bit different, have a little bit more detail, and stand out in a subtle way. The best pieces are those that catch your eye, but you can’t always put your finger on exactly what makes them different. This extra addition of the detailed black line takes this dress from the typical stripped dress to one that stands out in the crowd. Plus, add a pair of solid color fun heels & you’re good to go! Keep from blending in & search for the details in your next purchase!

Stripped Dress ( I actually bought this dress on the “Final Ones” rack at Nordstrom & I cant find it online! So I and linking some others here, here, and here | Fringe Heels | Similar heels here and here



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