Workwear & Window Pane

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Hey Y’all!

If you’ve been keeping up with some of my latest posts, you’ll know that I’ve had a pretty big full time career change recently. And while my new office is pretty relaxed most of the time, I am meeting with important clients on the regular and have to look incredibly professional. However, I am not about the old school pencil skirt and blazer look. I love a super tailored look, and especially a good blazer, but work places are becoming a little more lenient and relaxed. And I am going to take full advantage of it!

So for all my fellow office chicks, this one’s for you! Here is a break down of the pieces I put together:

  • Black & White Windowpane Pants: I got these babies from TopShop. When I saw them I immediately fell in love, but was taken aback by how bold they were. The windowpane pattern is a classic, along with keeping them black and white. However, the boldness of the lines and the contrast of the colors make these pants a little more modern and fashion forward. Stick with either a color with little to no pattern, or a pattern in neutral colors for work pieces.
  • Grey Thin T-Shirt: This is my literal go to piece for every outfit. I also have it in white. They do require a thin tank top underneath so that they aren’t sheer. The thinness and neutral color of this top make it easy to tuck in and pair with anything. I chose the gray for this in stead of the white top to breakup the colors and soften the look.
  • Blue Blazer: I found this tailored blazer on major sale in the BCBG section of Dillard’s. To those reading this: Dillard’s is a hidden gem. Everyone talks about Nordstrom’s (which I love), but Dillard’s always has incredible sales, and they are one of (if not the only) company that locally carries my favorite Australian brands. For blazers, focus on the silhouette. Don’t buy blazers that hit straight across at the bottom. An angled or tapered bottom will lengthen your torso. Anything too long and straight across will widen your hips, and I know none of us want that!!

Try out these ideas next time you get dressed for an important meeting or go shopping for new work clothes! PS: BCBG online is having 40% off right now! This is also where I get those thin layering long sleeve shirts! Only $34.80!! Snag them right now. I’ve had mine for 4 years and they are still perfect.



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