Same Pants … New Look

Hey Y’all!

Catching on quite yet? My goal and focus is to always help you figure out how to wear the pieces that seem like they may only have 1 way to wear them, multiple times; to help you step out of your comfort zone, take a bold step, and as usual, to get more out of your same wardrobe. I used to let pieces I wore only one time pile up, and I would buy a new outfit for every event. As I continue to simplify my life and become a more intentional person, I am forcing myself to be more creative with my wardrobe.

The last post featured these same pants with a grey top, a blue blazer, and a pair of grey work heels. As the pants are the basic neutral colors of black and white, a simple black or white top will to the trick to match. I chose one with a boxy structure that would allow me to use the current trend of the front tuck, yet still stay professional and not too form fitting. Pair the same top with a pair of blue jeans and my favorite pair of Draper James slipper flats, and you have the perfect casual night out outfit!

P.S. These flats are my favorite work go to! I regret not also buying the silver. Keep in touch, I’m working really hard to find the perfect substitute!




Evan McClay-53Evan McClay-56Evan McClay-57Evan McClay-58Evan McClay-59Evan McClay-61Evan McClay-64Evan McClay-70Evan McClay-74Evan McClay-77



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