Tailored To Work

Hello Darlings!

My life is a crazy mixture of work, meetings, lunches, errands, meeting with friends, coffees…. you name it & it is somewhere in my schedule! And honestly, I am sure your schedule is just the same. Recently a few things made me want to truly slow down. To try to find ways to help my life be a little more efficient, & have a few less things to think about. On my busiest days, it’s the most important to have an outfit that almost seamlessly fits into all occasions.

I start with the most important meeting & dial it back a hair. Most of my typical business meetings require business professional, no suit required. ( So if you work in a very conservative office, a change in clothes might just work best for you. πŸ˜‰) So for me this means classic black, dark denim, or white jeans with a professional (yet modern) top. Something with a hint of trend, a classic color with a new top style or a fun color with a classic style top. It could also mean a skirt with a tucked in top, a vest or a scarf. Always make sure it’s appropriate for work but something that looks sleek & fashionable for a coffee date. Pack heels for the meeting and dinner, flats for coffee & lunch!

Keep up the hard work, but don’t busy yourself so much that you are too distracted!

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