My Christmas Focus

Hello There!

I don’t know if you read a previous post, Making a New Way, but 2017 was one crazy busy and growing year. Around Thanksgiving I am always amazed that another year has come and gone, and I am already thinking about the next. The Holidays seem to pass so quickly and in a blur of glitter and gifts. However, this year was a little different.  I thought my difficult 2017 was already in the past, but I had one last ride before I could see the light of the New Year.

The weekend before Christmas, I was in a decently bad car accident. I was running late for dinner, trying to pick up food, and was in a completely distracted mindset. I turned my head for a second to check my blindspot in stop and go traffic, and when I turned my head back, I was too late. It was incredibly frightening and shocking. There is so much about that exact moment and those after that are still a blur. It all happened so fast, and to be honest I am still processing exactly what happened in the incident. Praise the Lord (!!!) though,  everyone was completely okay, uninjured, and only the cars are damaged. Looking back (and unfortunately playing the “what if” game) there are so, so many things that could have made the outcome much worse. But as we stand now, I am incredibly thankful for walking away unharmed.

With this moment happening right before Christmas, there was a new view on the holiday. This year, I was more than thankful to have a semi- normal day with my family. To be able to have dinner, spend time together, and exchange gifts. As I walked away from my car (for probably the last time), I had this overwhelming feeling of “it’s just a thing”. There was this emotion of not attaching my worth or value to what I have. I drove a beautiful BMW X3 in great condition, paid off, and it still had an extended warranty. It was so sad to see it towed away. But as I had this feeling, I realized that this car did at one point define part of who I was. Not that having nice things is negative by any means, but I was relying partly on the “look” this car gave me.

The second quick lesson I learned from this incident was realizing just how distracted I was while I was driving. While this was not the first time I was not focusing intently on driving, this just happened to be the first time I paid for it. I realized I am trying to move too quickly and do too much at one time. I strive to multitask, to be efficient, and to always do more. In life, and especially while driving, I need to take a breather, be intentional with what I am focusing on, and not to overwhelm myself so easily.

As I focus in on the New Year, coming up with small and large goals, these will definitely be added to the list:

  1. To continue to remember that there is so much “stuff” in this world, and we can’t take it with us. It shouldn’t be the way we define ourselves, and it shouldn’t be how we define or judge others either.
  2. To be more intentional, more in the moment, and to not continue to add so much on my plate. To not always be in a rush, and making me 15 min late to everything!

I hope you can also learn from my mistakes without making them yourself. I feel like we rush through life sometimes only to get to a point and say: “What was it all for?”. This incident taught me so much, but I am beyond grateful that the lesson did not cause life long repercussions. I share all of this about my life in an effort to be completely open and honest. I want you to know my life truly, as that is my intent for this blog. Not to have a platform to portray a what looks like a perfect life, but instead to share that there is realness behind the photos. My purpose is to share my love with you, and create a platform where we can give each other advice in this crazy life! We all have so much good knowledge and stories to share!

Be good & strive to be better!


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