Pretty Pretty Princess

Hey Y’all!

As the New Year begins, I am focusing on pushing myself out of my “outfit comfort zone” as one of my new goals! I am completely in awe of the girls who are in beautiful skirts or fun day dresses all the time. I am not the biggest skirt person, and definitely not the girly girl type. I have never really dressed up in dresses or skirts when it came to everyday wear. Even for formal occasions I would often pick out jumpsuits, formal pants, etc. I don’t know why, but I just don’t gravitate towards those looks. But as part of my New Years Fashion Changes… I am going to take that step, as I encourage y’all to do often. So here I go!

I was actually encouraged to buy this skirt for part of my wardrobe when I worked for Alice + Olivia. As we had an allowance, I figured I would buy things I normally wouldn’t. After all, how could I sell items I wouldn’t try myself! So as this is a piece I haven’t worn since my time there, I thought I would start here. I was looking as to what I would pair with this skirt, I wanted to balance out it’s formal look and nice material to dress it down a bit. Nothing beats a super cozy, crazy soft, off the shoulder sweater. The differences in materials and looks creates an easier look to wear to dinner or a girls night out. A definite modern princess outfit if you will!!

And honestly, I am actually really digging wearing the skirt more and more! They are so flattering! How have I missed out on this for so long. Next venture… buy more skirts!


Similar Skirt to this A+O  herehere and here| Skirt in another color from A+O ( they always carry it twice a year in one or 2 colors!)

OTS Sweater | Louise et Cie Shoes (not exactly the same but so cute & so comfortable!)




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