A Quick January Update

Hello Lovelies!!

I hope you’re January is still positive & in full swing! But if not, you’re not alone. I am noticing that January is already moving so quickly & most days are already accounted for. With a crazy holiday season bleeding into the new year, I feel like I didn’t quite get the positive jump start that I wanted. I still don’t have my planner 🤦🏼‍♀️ , I haven’t quite finished focusing in on my goals, & even my typical workout routine is on the back burner! And as I have so many many things on my mind, I feel like I am having a hard time focusing on what to tackle & what needs my attention first. I am very naturally someone who stays decently organized, focused, driven, & put together. But not currently haha!

So if you are feeling anything like me right now, here are a few tips I hope will help you! They sure have helped me!

1. Want to know where you’re money goes & to budget easier so you can afford that new bag or build up your savings? Try Mint.com! It has an app too. Word of advice: the website automatically categorizes your transactions once you attach your bank. Figure out what categories your lifestyle needs first, delete all pre made budgets, and use those moving forward. Do all this on a computer. Once you decide those categories, create the custom ones & categorize the last 3 months. This will show you how much you average in your spending in those categories and then create the monetary part of your budget there after. Use the app to keep you and categorize your transactions on the go, but the detailed things are easier on a computer. Budgets are only good if you pay attention to them & stick to them! Eventually you will train Mint to categorize certain transactions into certain categories. Here are my categories:

Income: based on after taxes so we actually know how much we will be able to spend.

  • Rent
  • Charity : so so incredibly important to us. While their is such thing as a 10% rule, we make this decision more on an intentional basis. Some months are better than others & when we can give more, we do so! But we make it significant to our lifestyle because it is truly that important.
  • Insurance : all types
  • Auto Payment
  • Gas & Fuel
  • Mobil Phone
  • Gym : currently using the Kayla Itness App!
  • Groceries
  • Pharmacy : cvs, walgreens, ulta.
  • Eating out : coffee shops, dates, picking up food, etc)
  • Allowance : Kevin & I each have an allowance to use on whatever we choose for the month!
  • Miscellaneous : hair cuts, birthday gifts, pet needs, etc.

2. When it comes to getting ready during a busy season of life, keep it simple. Go for base pieces that easily layer, match, and blend. Stick with decently comfortable shoes, and solid go to pieces. Wear your favorite outfits multiple times (I promise no one will notice!), and immediately put on comfortable clothes when you come home. Wear your flattering sweater staples, pieces like high-waisted jeans that make every outfit put together, & just remember to add one accessory everyday. I promise you will look incredibly put together. Just try not to gravitate towards large lounging sweaters for daily wear ;).

3. Choose new intentions, not new goals. With new intentions, you are changing your mindset about things, not setting unattainable goals. Intentions change mindset, and mindset changes actions. Decide the things in your life that are either lacking attention, or new ideas you would like to set focus on.

I hope these few ideas will help even in the slightest way! As I find new ways to better my life, be more productive, and help with the small things, I will continue to share them!

Happy January! XO,


Outfit Details:

White Sweater here, here, and in grey here and all under $50!! | Madewell Jeans 

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