My New “Blue”

Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday!

I have consciously been re-doing and strategically adding new pieces to my closet. I can feel I’m on the verge of a style change, a new version of “Evan”. I can feel myself gravitating to things I typically wouldn’t; both in color and style. And in a all my conscious effort, I have been trying to steer clear of blues & stripes that overwhelm my closet (lol), and gravitate towards other patterns and colors. So as I have refocused my efforts, unintentionally my “new blue” has become this bright gold mustard color. I find myself only wanting to buy clothes in this shade! But for now, I’m okay with it!


This color has opened up so many options & wardrobe ideas for me. I find new outfits with old pieces just with adding one new bright top! I am loving re-inventing old go to outfits and blending new colors I never knew possible!

I know that yellow is a hard color for most to wear, so I encourage you to find your “new blue”. Whatever color has been calling your name but you have maybe been too nervous to try. GO FOR IT!! Give if a whirl! If you want help pairing or making an outfit, just DM me on Instagram!



White AG Corduroy Jeans | Mustard Top (on sale & comes in 5 patterns/colors) | Faux Fur Vest | Vince Camuto Booties

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