Celebrating 25: 25 Things to Remember to Be Thankful For

Hello Hello!

Today marks my husbands 25th birthday!  A quarter of a century he has lived and breathed and contributed to our earth ;). As we celebrate him and his wonderful self on this beautiful Sunday, we have been reminiscing on his life, our time together and the journey’s we have traveled. Through everything we have been through and everything to come, the thought we continue to return to is that of what we should be thankful for. We realize that we take things for granted. It’s the little things that make a difference in our lives, that truly make our lives better, and make up what this life is actually about. We find ourselves getting caught up in the big things, the shiny things, and things that seem to matter so much. However at the root of all of it, there are small yet significant things that make our lives easier, simpler, and more beautiful. And as you continue to skim this list, really try to hone in on how much you may also take these things for granted. While some of these may seem minimal and silly, that is the point. These things are not naturally given to everyone and we all have things that others may not. There is so much to be thankful for in this life and and thatin moments that seem unbearable in other ways. So in no particular order:

Our list of 25 Things to “Remember” be Thankful For:

  1.  A God & Savior that is Love, Life & all things Good.  “Someone” who takes away all pain, takes away the blame, & makes me, such an imperfect person, perfect in His eyes.
  2. A God who knows a bigger and better plan, the beginning through the end, and who I can trust to guide me as long as I follow. Who will lead me to water, life, and happiness.
  3. Living in the United States (aka a “First World Country”)
  4. Health & well being
  5.  A paying job – maybe not the absolute best but a chance to contribute and support ourselves
  6. Supportive family
  7. Grocery stores & easily accessible food
  8. Clean water
  9. Loving friends
  10. Hot water
  11. Plumbing
  12. The ability to continue to learn about new things
  13. The chance to give back because we are in a position of giving and not needing
  14. Clean clothes
  15. Soap & Water
  16. The ability to express ourselves as we choose. Even though others may not agree with us from time to time, we are “allowed” to be who we choose to be.
  17. A roof over our head
  18. A chance to continue to better our lives
  19. Enough money to buy a person in need a cup of coffee
  20. Transportation
  21. A clear mind
  22.  Technology to connect us
  23.  A chance to travel and see the world
  24. Humor 😉
  25.  Knowing that this life is futile, minimal, and short. That there is an eternal life much better than the one we are experiencing now that we can look forward too.

I hope even just a few of these resinated with you and reminded you not to take certain things for granted. These are daily reminders for us. We have by no means “mastered” switching our mindset, but we are definitely working on it. Life teaches you many things in your time on earth and I am forever thankful for the grace I am shown in the mean time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have one that is not on this list that means a lot to you!



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