More Wine Anyone…?

Hey Y’all!

This little dress literally jumped out at me when I was shopping through Nordstrom the other day. & I mean LITERALLY πŸ˜‚. The hanger poked me in the arm as I was walking through, and I went to see what it was, I was pleasantly surprised. I had honestly been searching for more transitional pieces from work to play, & not wanting to spend a ton of money, & here was one of my answers! There is a huge gap in this market for items like this: modern, appropriate, fashionable & afordable work wear that you would potentially wear out on the town. I am working on finding these key pieces for all of us, as I know this is a common problem. So for now, this is our first step!

The mid length is perfect for work, even with heels. The ability of having a v-neck that is high enough where there is no worry of showing anything is a super win for me! With my body shape, I typically can’t wear boxy items with crew necks as it makes me look wider. So this is a win! And last but not least it’s machine washable and it comes in like 8 colors! I will be going back to get another color! Did I mention it’s only $46?!



Wine Colored Dress | Knee High Boots and here | Earrings

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