My Guy’s Style

Hey Y’all!

As Valentine’s Day took over the beginning of February, I was naturally thinking about all those I love so dearly. How much I appriciate them and love them, and how I could express my happiness and gratitude towards them. While Kevin and I don’t put all that much weight on this day, it’s still such a sweet and fun holiday. We strive to show others how much we care about them through out the year, but sometimes we do need a little reminder to continue to do so.

This had me thinking about the little things I appriciate about my man. One of these: his style! I know it sounds silly, but I love how much he takes care on how he presents himself to the world. His style is simplistic, but polished; modern but with a classic twist. And y’all, I wish I could take credit for this. This is truly all his own. If you only knew how many conversations we had about which jean (they all look the same to me haha) or which pair of the thousands of shoes he has; and he truly has more than I do.

I will never forget the moment after about 6 months of dating when he told me this: “Growing up with 2 older sisters, I was always made fun of no matter what, especially my affinity for clothes. They didn’t understand why as a boy I cared so much about what I wore. I would save up for nice designer jeans and they thought my values were in the wrong place. Then you came along, and I had an excuse to always dress well. I just said I always did it for you. And while this is true, and I do want to look nice for you and be  confident for you to show me off, it really is for me.” This was the moment I knew he would never really need my help, and I love it.

We bounce ideas off of one another constantly, and he is great at dressing me as well! For the Beyonce concert 2 years ago, he put together my entire outfit. All my friends were blown away and I have never received so many compliments.

So today I wanted to show case Kev and his style!



Shirt | Jeans | SandalsApple Watch Band | Phone Case | Sunglasses

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