Micro Florals

Happy Day Y’all!

It is actually hot in Texas, so I don’t feel like a poser trying to dress for spring while it’s cold outside! We are one of the lucky states that gets to take advantage of warmer weather earlier, but it still never seems to come fast enough!

I love florals for spring, but I am super picky. Some floral patterns look cheesy or over done or like grandmas bedspread. What I have found, it’s that I love bright micro florals and really big floral prints. This little skirt has been one of my absolute favorite pieces. The double print of the inside makes it uber fun! Technically it is not reversible, but that didn’t stop me from making it such 😉 . Since the seams on the inside are finished but raised, it looks like an intentional detail. I took out the tags out, and the only thing left was the zipper. That part was a little obvious so I wore a high low top tucked into the front to cover the zipper in the back.

Denim Crop here and here | Similar skirt and here



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