The Easiest Spring Dress

Happy Easter Weekend Y’all!!

I love that this time of year means a turn of a season, cleaner homes, new wardrobes & a fresh start. I truly do feel that spring over all other seasons feels like a chance to press restart and make some super positive changes. Whether this be inward motivation changes or external environmental changes, I love positive change all together.

With my wardrobe, I am slowly working on adding in easy daily dresses. This may seem so simple to some of you, but so not natural for me. I’m always in jeans or shorts, but every single time I wear a dress I ask myself why I don’t wear them more often. They are SO comfortable, so flattering, & so easy!! So here is my first step!

Obviously my first go too was blue & white stripes 🙈. This little cotton number will serve as a brunch dress, a bathing suit coverup, and running errands.

Here are look a-likes for this dress! I bought this at a small boutique with no website.









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