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Fall Transition Pieces

Hey Y’all! So we are at that time again! The season is changing and new wardrobes are hitting the store floors. It’s time for chunky sweaters, fall colors, & new booties. I find fall one the of the hardest seasons to transition into though. The entire world will be in full blown cold weather wear

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Denim Romper? Yes please! 

You know when you walk into a store and you weren’t really looking for anything in particular, and then you find IT.  The piece that you couldn’t live without and you can’t walk away from. This is exactly what happened with this romper for me. It was a little edgy, different than anything I had

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Shopping Basics Intentionally

I’m a pretty simplistic person. I don’t typically wear a lot of pattern, super bright colors or go to over the top in my outfits. However, when I shop I typically gravitate towards “special pieces”, structured pieces, and clothing that is pretty unique. The kind of pieces that are really recognizable so you can’t wear

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Merging the Old with the New

Instead of jumping right into current trends, best pieces and what to buy now, I wanted to scour my closet for the pieces I still love from last year (maybe a few years) and revamp them into outfits that you can wear currently. This may be a little more selfish than anything because I needed a

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I’m Not a Blogger

So I have decided to restart, bring my blog back, and start sharing my life again. And let me just tell you that this wasn’t an easy decision. I can give you all the reasons, what happened, and why I stopped, but I wont bore you with that now. (If you want to know, shoot

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An Open Forum

Here is a place to ask questions, comment, tell your story and relate. This is an open place to speak with me and others, but please always be kind, thoughtful, and uplifting. Ask away!! XO, Evan

Hey Y’all

Hey Y’all, my name is Evan! Welcome to my diary, my place of working things out, and my place of inspiration. I am currently 22 years old, I work in the Fashion Retail Industry and I am currently the Assistant Manager for Alice + Olivia in Dallas. So you could say fashion is not just

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