Get More From Your Wardrobe #3

Good Monday Morning!!

We have already seen this adorable dress on it’s own, perfect for a low-key date night, a day out shopping with the girls or a day visiting a new city.


Throw an easy top on top of the dress and you have a more conservative look, a date night outfit to be dressed up, a casual wedding outfit, or just an easy top/skirt combo. A new way to wear the same piece!


And finally (!!) we see the most fun outfit in the entire ray of options for getting more out of this little summer floral dress!


So take off the top, and throw a midi pleated skirt and you have an incredibly elegant and elevated outfit. This is a wedding,  formal date night, birthday party ready ensemble. Change out the casual shoes for a pair of simple heels and you are good to go. No more being able to say that you have nothing to wear for that last minute event you forgot you RSVP’d to 3 weeks ago :).

So if you have been following along this mini series, you would know that the basis for these 3 outfits consisted of 3 main pieces, and we were able to get 3 incredibly different outfits by combining them in different ways. I had mentioned in a previous post that from the time I took these photos to the time I posted the first post, I realized I could have photographed another outfit using the same 3 pieces. Here are all the potential outfits with these 3 pieces:

  1. Solo floral dress
  2. Floral dress with black top on top
  3. Dress with Pleated skirt over the bottom
  4. ** Champagne skirt with the Black structured top and black heels.

The latter is the one I didn’t realize you could also create! And the simplest might I add haha! So next time you go to buy some new pieces to update your wardrobe, see what you can do to update your current pieces as well! This will save you time and money!

Until next time,


Need help pairing pieces? Email me!! I would love to shoot you some ideas on how to shop your closet!!

Hey Hey LA


As you might have seen on my Instagram, I took a little last minute trip to LA with a bunch of super fun girls. One of my good friends called me, told me to grab a flight and I couldn’t resist the offer! I needed a break from reality, and what an opportunity this was! 
I decided to recap this phenomenal and unpredictable weekend for y’all, along with all my outfit details. (As I was so caught up in the excitement I didn’t get a lot of “outfit blogger photos” so it’s a lot of personal, real time photos for this post!!) 


Jumper: Milk & Honey

Necklace: Gemelli Jewelry


Crop & Skirt : Milk & Honey

Shoes: Steve Madden


Top: E.Leighs Boutique

Jeans: AG

Shoes: Stuart Weizmann

Crop: Dress and Bless 

Shorts: Lovers + Friends

Shoes: Vans

Fashions First Down 

The Definition of Feel Good Fashion: using your love for fashion, whether it entails shopping, dressing, or attending events, to make the lives of others, and yourself better.

How could you turn down an invite to help the Dallas Cowboys, their wives and friends support 2 incredible charities, AND watch one of your friends walk down the runway?! I had the chance to go to the most incredible event, and learn about 2 life changing charities. They are Nexus Recovery and The Gatehouse Grapevine. 

Nexus Recovery Center is “A Dallas nonprofit at the forefront of specialized substance abuse services for females, Nexus offers programs for adult women and adolescent girls ages 13 to 17, including those pregnant or accompanied by children. Nexus is one of only a few programs nationally that invites women to bring their children into treatment.” 

The Gatehouse Grapevine “provides long-term solutions to deep-rooted problems so that permanent, positive change becomes possible. We’ve seen that it takes women in crisis generally three to six months to feel safe and confident enough to make life-changing decisions. In short-term programs, women may make decisions for change, but here at The Gatehouse, we give them enough time to learn how to live it out.”

These two incredible charities deserve some light, as they really do change lives. 


Crop Heaven |  Show Stopper Skirt |

W E E K E N D  S T Y L E 

The navy and white trends are everywhere! Every place I look it’s navy and white stripes, or plaid, or prints, or just basic. I’m not a huge print person, or  like a lot of design. I tend to keep things structured and simple, with pieces I can wear a few times, many different ways. Not just one bright statement piece, that’s incredibly noticeable and I can only wear a few times the entire time I own it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do own those pieces and LOVE them. But it goes along with the fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day. So, I like to focus on the everyday fashion, with a few statement pieces thrown into the blog. 

This outift is perfect for an easy weekend where you don’t feel like you’re lazy in leggings and sweats, but you aren’t dressed to the nines, and look like you try too hard. It can transition into dinner and drinks, after you’ve been at the mall all day or even taking your dog to the vet. ( you’ll be the best dressed person at the vet i promise, haha) 

Shirt: Dress and Bless

Jeans: AG Jeans 

Street Style

Evan-85 Evan-86 Evan-89 Evan-92 Evan-94 Evan-97 Evan-98 Evan-100 Evan-102

Mixing it up towards the end of this winter season. I couldn’t wait to get back into my white jeans! I’m getting pretty tired of leggings and dark jeans. Ready for Spring and lighter colors! (I just went majorly shopping and I can’t wait to share those new brands, clothes and colors with y’all!

Shirt: Dress and Bless

Jeans: (can’t find exact ones as I have had them for years, but here are some VERY similar ones) AG Jeans

Shoes: Steve Madden (I can’t find anything like them! Im going to keep looking! But the material is suede.)

Creme de la Creme

I am dreaming of warmer weather, fewer layers, and wearing comfortable and cute outfits with less hassle. I can not wait for spring to actually be in full swing. Enough with this warm weather one weekend and then snow the next week! My closet is SO CONFUSED! This top has been my saving grace with the bipolar weather! Its perfect on it’s own, for a slightly chilly day with jeans and a cute pair of shoes, or with leggings, boots, scarf and a statement coat. It’s soft material, long crop body and flattering cut, anyone would LOVE this top! Not to mention my FAVORITE black heels from Vince Camuto.

Evan-68 Evan-71 Evan-75 Evan-77 Evan-78 Evan-79

Shirt: Dress and Bless (only $25!!)

Jeans: AG Jeans

Heels: Vince Camuto (and they come in red and blue!)

Office to Dinner

Evan-42 Evan-46 Evan-51 Evan-53

Evan-56 Evan-60 Evan-64

How many times do you end up in a situation where you dressed for the day, and end up needing a nicer outfit as you move locations or activities? Most of the time, I never have time to go home and change, freshen up and make sure I look presentable for dinner. These days, when I know my schedule for the day is full of back to back activities, I make sure and wear something where I know I wont look like I didn’t even try to be presentable for dinner. (aka: dress well to feel better).

I love this top. I can through a blazer over it to be more formal for work, or just wear it with jeans as a a nicer, put together outfit. With the beaded detail at the top, the softer white color, and the clean cut edges, this top is good quality and ready for anything. No need for extra accessories, as those pearls add all the extra umph you need! The white color adds a more relaxed look, the peplum and details make it dinner ready.

Top: Dress and Bless