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Zara The Magnificent

I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in a magnificent city. Not only did I get to travel Europe, experience a new culture and meet new people, but I got to learn a new language and SHOP. I love nothing more than to get a glimpse of new trends, and being in a completely

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The Proposal

After getting home from a 3 month adventure in Europe, I had no idea I was about to (FINALLY) start the next major chapter in my life. While in Spain, Kevin and I talked a lot about the next steps in our relationship, what to expect after graduating, and what we wanted to accomplish in

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A Fresh Start

To start of my blog, I wanna share the most incredible, exhilarating and life changing experience I have ever had. I want to share the story of the moment I have been waiting for for my entire life. IM ENGAGED!! As Kevin and I had been dating for 5 years, and recently went to on

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