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Just Stop Already!ย 

While the title of this post may seem a little out there, it serves a purpose. When it comes to life, everyone has different things going on, and different tolerances of situations. This being said, people need to stop complaining. I am fully guilty of it, I know. But certain situations in my life have

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Beauty is Vain

As I may not necessarily have pictures for today’s post, I have something heavy laden on my heart. There are so so so many fashion, lifestyle, and gorgeous blogs out there, and they are mainly all about outer beauty. What to wear to be noticed, to stand out, to fit in, to be beautiful. What

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Will you be my…?

Very very exciting news! I finally got to do what I have been waiting for since I got engaged! I got to ask my friends and sisters to be my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids! I stressed out about the perfect way to ask them, how to make it special, and definitely how to make

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