Renee Rouleau Skin Care

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Do you ever feel like you are just spending a crazy amount of money trying skin care product after skin care product? It feels like so much trial and error and nothing seems to fully do what we want it to do. We take recommendations, visit doctors, and take bloggers advise. We switch products every time we go to buy, and yet we never seem to get the glow, or reduce the lines, or get rid of pimples as effectively as we wish. I am just a crazy sensitive individual in general, but especially when it comes to my face. I have been to every dermatologist in Dallas and still nothing worked. I have had a decent amount of breakouts in my lifetime along with eczema, dry skin, and sensitivity. Treating breakouts with products that dry out your skin would worsen my eczema, and cause horrible flakiness due to my dryness.  Well coming from someone who has had ever issue imaginable, and has the most sensitive skin ever (even “sensitive” products are too harsh for me), I bring you your life savor.

I honestly thought all hope was lost until I was googling estheticians in Dallas before my wedding. I knew I need to be aggressive to get my skin “wedding ready”. I was sitting in a salon chair getting my hair colored when my colorist saw that I was on Renee Rouleau’s website. She mentioned that she got her facials through the Renee Rouleau spa and that they have the best products. That was all I needed to hear to try them out.

I dove all in with my first facial and bought the products. I am NEVER the girl to get caught up in stuff like this or drop $300 on skin care, but I was desperate. And to this day, I am so glad I did. All of the products use pure ingredients with minimal chemicals (acne treatments and such have a few for maximum effort), and she has dedicated her research to developing 9 different skin types. You can visit a specialist in the spa or take the skin quiz online. She also houses over 1000+ blog posts dedicated to anything from wedding skin emergencies to how alcohol affects your skin to skin care trends that do more harm than good.   Plus you know you can trust these posts because all of these posts and tips are backed up by testings and research.

After you find your skin type, there is still so much customization to be completed. You won’t ever use every product available within your skin type, just the ones that will help you in your needs. You can use anything from a 3 step to a 7 step process and even the 7 steps only takes about 5 minutes. I am a Skin Type 4 and currently use about 6 products on a 4-5 step basis. My facialist customized my routine and help me stay within a budget to still get the results I wanted. Here is my routine:

  1. Face Wash: same in the morning and at night
  2. Face Toner: same in the morning and at night
  3. Serum: only at night and I switch between this one and this one every other night. The second one is actually from a different skin type, but I needed a more aggressive spot treatment for my pimples. This one is serious a miracle worker.
  4. Moisturizer: this one in the morning and this one at night

I truly hope you give these products a try. Not one person I know who has tried this line has ever turned back.



Modern 90’s Vibe

Hey Y’all!

I have an affinity for jumpsuits. I’m pretty sure I have about 10 in my closet?! I don’t know what it is, but I typically choose them over dresses. I guess you could say I am not a super girly dresser. I have to really push myself to buy a dress or skirt (I think I’ve mentioned that once before 🙈) .

This little number is from Elizabeth and James & the designers are actually Mary Kate & Ashley! They have the coolest style & the best eye for fashion. They actually have a few lines that are just beautiful, but this one is by far my favorite! Everything is simple, structured, & has just enough detail to set it apart from the crowd.

2 tips when purchasing:

1. They run pretty small and snug. Try on your size and one up for the best fit and comfort.

2. Ship Neiman Marcus sales! That is where I have gotten almost all of my pieces! Because of the sizing issue (I think) and sometimes the price, these pieces always go on sale at Cusp!

Tailored to Perfection

Hello hello!

Do you ever just find something that surprisingly catches your eye? It’s like nothing else you’ve ever bought, but this one interests you? That was definitely this blouse for me. This looks nothing like the rest of my closet. Granted I live in stripes, but this has dual colored stripes and that’s a lot for me! I’m pretty simplistic except for the occasional “loud” statement piece. I prefer unique structure over patterns. But I seriously LOVE this top!

White jeans or a cute pair of non denim white shorts would look so cute in the summer! Or a pair of navy tailored cropped work pants for a client meeting. I am always searching for the pieces that transition into multiple facets of life.

White Jeans | Blouse here, here and here| Tie Wedges and here

The Best Vest

It’s transition time again! The time of year when (at least in Texas) you can taste sweet spring, but we’re just not quite there yet. Your outfits now are a mixture of your spring and fall wardrobe. Your a little tired of your fall wardrobe as it’s warming up around you, but there are still chilly days thrown into the mix. The temperature changes day by day so you have to get creative.

In order to keep warm in some of the lasting chilly weather & implement spring colors, I love this soft, super thin basic turtle neck and blush pink vest. The black turtle neck provides light warmth and a darker backdrop to help the tailored blush vest to pop and bring in the spring color. I love combining contrasting colors so that they pop against one another. Combinations like long sleeves and shorts, spring colored sweaters, and white jeans help us to have a little more patience while we wait for tanks and sandals weather!

Turtleneck & on sale!! | White Jeans | Blush Vest & here

Cue Spring!

Hello Hello!!

Towards the end of February we start to have a few really nice days in the mix of our winter weather. We start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and begin to smell the sweet scent of spring. Patio sitting, trail walking, and summer clothing is so so close, yet just a little far. However, I believe in putting positive thoughts into the air and luring spring to come faster!

This little dress has been such an easy piece for me to wear from fall to spring. Tights, no tights, heels or OTK boots. And the silhouette and structure of the dress helps with the horizontal stripes (which I typically stay away from!) .

I am working on finding this exact dress as it is sold out most everywhere. In the mean time, here are some alternative pieces!



My Guy’s Style

Hey Y’all!

As Valentine’s Day took over the beginning of February, I was naturally thinking about all those I love so dearly. How much I appriciate them and love them, and how I could express my happiness and gratitude towards them. While Kevin and I don’t put all that much weight on this day, it’s still such a sweet and fun holiday. We strive to show others how much we care about them through out the year, but sometimes we do need a little reminder to continue to do so.

This had me thinking about the little things I appriciate about my man. One of these: his style! I know it sounds silly, but I love how much he takes care on how he presents himself to the world. His style is simplistic, but polished; modern but with a classic twist. And y’all, I wish I could take credit for this. This is truly all his own. If you only knew how many conversations we had about which jean (they all look the same to me haha) or which pair of the thousands of shoes he has; and he truly has more than I do.

I will never forget the moment after about 6 months of dating when he told me this: “Growing up with 2 older sisters, I was always made fun of no matter what, especially my affinity for clothes. They didn’t understand why as a boy I cared so much about what I wore. I would save up for nice designer jeans and they thought my values were in the wrong place. Then you came along, and I had an excuse to always dress well. I just said I always did it for you. And while this is true, and I do want to look nice for you and be  confident for you to show me off, it really is for me.” This was the moment I knew he would never really need my help, and I love it.

We bounce ideas off of one another constantly, and he is great at dressing me as well! For the Beyonce concert 2 years ago, he put together my entire outfit. All my friends were blown away and I have never received so many compliments.

So today I wanted to show case Kev and his style!



Shirt | Jeans | SandalsApple Watch Band | Phone Case | Sunglasses

Valentines Day 2018

Valentines 2018
Hello Hello!
Happy almost Valentine’s Day!! To be honest, typically Kevin and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional way. Most flowers are crazy overpriced, candies never very satisfying, and restaurants have expensive set menus that are packed to the nines. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Valentine’s Day. We absolutely love the idea of silly fun love remembering how big of a deal it was when we were younger. However, we don’t want it to be a crutch or obligation. We don’t want it to be a holiday where you say, “well I guess since I am in a relationship, I have to buy her flowers on Valentine’s Day”. We work hard (yet don’t always succeed) to love each other intentionally year round; have multiple “Valentine’s days” of you will! So on the actual day, we typically will spend some time over takeout sushi or pizza and talk about how we can love each other better, how we can better serve one another, & how we can pursue one another in this upcoming year. Marriage and relationships are not for the weak hearted, but the reward is so sweet. But every year like clockwork, Kevin brings home a load of beautiful flowers a couple days after Valentine’s Day (when the price drops again), filling our place with the sweetest smells. We snag the sale candy and enjoy a movie night at home.
None the less though, red and pink pieces give me heart eyes in February. I love the cute eye masks, the pretty self care products, & the first bright pops of color we have seen since winter! Valentine’s means spring is near, and that means all the cute new arrivals are slowly trickling in!!