Where I’m Donating

Hey Y’all! Charity and giving back is a big part of my life and faith. I fully believe we are designed and encouraged to love one another, support those in need, and continuously have a “we” centric mindset (instead of “I”). There are a few local charities that I have personally been involved with and give my time too. I wanted to shine light on these people that dedicate their entire lives to helping others. I encourage you to donate not just money but your time to these incredible organizations. 100% of the money you donate on here will be given directly to the organization, and I will match 50% of every donation made. You will receive an email with proof when accomplished too! And if you want to donate time and need a buddy to go with, just email me! I will go with you!! Thank Y’all for not only loving me, but loving others!

Soup Mobile Website

Traffick 911 Website