Where I’m Donating

Hey Y’all! Charity and giving back is a big part of my life and faith. I fully believe we are designed and encouraged to love one another, support those in need, and continuously have a “we” centric mindset (instead of “I”). There are a few local charities that I have personally been involved with and give my time too. I wanted to shine light on these people that dedicate their entire lives to helping others. I encourage you to donate not just money but your time to these incredible organizations. 100% of the money you donate on here will be given directly to the organization, and I will match 50% of every donation made. You will receive an email with proof when accomplished too! And if you want to donate time and need a buddy to go with, just email me! I will go with you!! Thank Y’all for not only loving me, but loving others!

Soup Mobile

If there is one need in this world that hits my heart hard, it's the homeless. The exact reasoning behind it, I couldn't tell you. But I could guess at the fact that it is one that I am directly affected by daily & that I hate that we can treat people like anything less than a human. David Timothy aka "The SoupMan", started this charity in 2003, when he would make sandwiches and hot food, and drive around in the Soup Mobile giving people their meal for the day. Since these days The Soup Mobile has grown immensely, even partnered with Amazon with the "Amazon Smile" website where the purchaser doesn't notice a difference in their bill, but Amazon donates a % of your purchase to the charity you are logged into. I have personally served the homeless meals on the street side by side with David, or served them at their Sunday church service. I love this organization, what they are doing, and their belief system. Jump down to their headquarters off of Commerce in Deep Ellum to help serve a warm meal to a human in need.


Soup Mobile Website

Traffick 911

Traffick 911 is near and dear to my family’s heart. It has been the cause that has laid on my father’s heart since he realized that this is a reality, and he has 3 daughters that could have easily been trafficked. I have personally met saved girls, younger than I, and my heart utterly breaks at the idea of what they have been though. They have been officially recognized by Homeland Security Investigations as a most-valued partner in this battle to save our American children from sex trafficking. How amazing!? The 3 most trafficked cities in Texas are Houston, Dallas, and Tarrant County. 2 of those are in my backyard! They have saved 45 girls in just 150… that is one girl every 3 days!! $6.53 Prevents victimization by reaching one person with an audience- specific prevention and awareness $636 – Identifies one victim and assists law enforcement with the prosecution of their perpetrator with detailed investigation and reporting $1,548 – Empowers one survivor’s journey to healing through case management, mentoring and other personalized support


Traffick 911 Website